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Welcome to EZ Phone

Congratulations for finding EZ Phone! If you came here after a series of unsuccessful quests for a mobile phone contract because of bad credit, then there’s no need to look anywhere else. Here at EZ Phone, we help our
customers get the right contract phone for their specific usage. Whether you have a few late bills in the past or a severely damaged credit rating, EZ Phone can still find a suitable contract deal for you. Just fill out our online form today for FREE and we’ll show you the best offers instantly!

What is EZ Phone?

EZ Phone is your all in one bad credit mobile application site and guide. We cater to the needs of those pursuing a mobile contract but are suffering from bad credit. If you are one of them, you can skip your pointless search and just stick to our service in order to find the right deal without hurting your budget.
With the huge number of people in the UK having bad credit problems, you can see all financial products and services having their no credit check versions. While you can access loans or financing with no credit checks, the same doesn’t apply with mobile phone contracts. The truth is, any site that promises you a guaranteed or no credit check contract should simply be avoided. This is because no sane or reputable company will provide their services without the
assurance that the customer will be able to pay them.

Benefits of Using EZ Phone

EZ Phone can change your fate, from a previously declined applicant to a successful mobile contract subscriber. We know the ins and outs in the mobile industry, which is why we can show you real and legitimate ways to get accepted for a contract that other websites will charge you for.

What You Need to Do in Order to Qualify for a Phone Contract?

You don’t really need magic tricks or quick credit repair scams to help you with your contract application. In fact, your success only depends on EZ Phone and a bunch of other helpful tips, such as the following:


Pay Off Existing Balances

When you have bad credit hovering over your applications everywhere you go, the first thing to do is to gain the trust of your lender or provider, and the best place to start is your existing balances. They wouldn’t want to know that you have quite a lot of unpaid bills, as they will fear that you will behave in the same way after they approve your application. Settle overdue accounts one by one and you can see a definite improvement, and consequently a credit score boost.

Enlist Your Name on the Electoral Roll

Registering on the electoral roll is one of the best means to verify your identity, and we all know that companies prefer dealing with customers who can verify who they say they are.

Do not Send Too Many Applications

Too many applications to different providers all at the same time can be a sign of desperation, and these companies could be quite hesitant to grant your request knowing that they were not your first option. Additionally, they will become worried about you having simultaneous contracts and not being able to meet all of your bills payments.

Provide a Security Deposit

Your biggest hindrance when you have bad credit is the risk that you impose on the company or business you’re applying for, and one way to eliminate or reduce that risk is to offer them a security that is tied to your contract. A security deposit can be any amount which may range between 50% and 100% of the value of your contract phone. When you fail to pay your bills, the provider can seize this security deposit to cover the cost of your unpaid balances, thus they’ve got nothing to lose. Do not worry as you may still be able to get back your deposit after at least 12 months of consistent on-time payments.

Apply for a Cheaper Handset

Aside from your credit score, the biggest influencing factor on your mobile phone contract application is the type or cost of the handset that you’re applying for, which can mean the difference between approval and denial. You are already in a less desirable situation when you have bad credit, and applying for the latest and most expensive smartphones can further doom your application for contract.

If All Else Fails… Consider a Sim Only Contract

Sim only contracts are short term deals that do not include a free handset, so obviously, there’s no cost and ultimately no risk for the network to grant you a contract. You will only be given a sim card from that carrier, and use it with a phone that is unlocked. The benefit of this is that the contracts are very flexible and you can opt out at any time, which is ideal if you want a postpaid service but hate the lock-in periods.